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Lenape Valley aims to create a positive environment where girls can be themselves and have fun while learning teamwork, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and perseverance, all while learning and perfecting their cheer skills.

Lenape Valley Cheerleading is a full-year program that begins August 1st and ends July 31st of the following year. During the traditional season, cheerleaders will participate in three (3) Pop Warner competitions and cheer on the sidelines for Lenape Valley Football. Beginning January 1st, cheerleaders may partake in the Winter Cheer Program. Only fall comp teams are permitted to compete in competitions. All non-comp teams will work on skill-sets for the upcoming fall season.  

What's Included in the Registration Fee?
All cheerleaders will receive a Lenape Valley game-day and competition uniform to use for the season. The uniform shell and skirt need to be returned at the end of the season. The bloomers, body liner, sneakers and bow(s) are yours to keep. Registration fees cover the following items: 

Uniform package: bloomers, body liner, bow, and sneakers
LV insurance coverage
Field/ Gym fees
Practice location fees*

*If a team advances to Regionals/ Nationals, additional fees will be collected to cover practice space costs.

Games: Cheerleaders are required to cheer at home and away football games. Per Pop-Warner rules, all cheerleaders must attend at least 8 games during the season. In addition to sideline, cheerleaders will also learn and perform a half-time routine. Cheerleaders are expected to arrive 30-minutes prior to the start of the game in their full game day uniform, shoes, bow and bloomers.

Competitions: Lenape Valley Cheerleading is a competitive cheer organization. Cheerleaders must commit to attending all practices and competitions prior to the start of the season which includes attending Nationals in Orlando, FL. 

Team Placement
All cheerleaders will be placed on teams the 1st week of June based on age and the number of athletes registered in the program. Lenape Valley teams are based on Pop Warner age guidelines which are as follows:

Jr. Tiny-Mite: 3 & 4 year-old 
Flag:5 year-old
Tiny-Mite: 6 & 7 year-old
Mitey-Mite: 8 & 9 year-old
Jr. Pee Wee:10 & 11 year-old
Pee Wee:11 & 12 year-old
Junior Varsity:13 & 14 year-old
Varsity: 15 & 16 year-old
Bantam: 17 & 18 year-old

*Please note that Lenape Valley reserves the right to move girls based on skill level. 

Since cheerleading is a team sport, the team only succeeds when everyone is in attendance.  Therefore, 100% attendance is expected at practices and games unless there is an approved absence (illness/pre-planned family event). Please schedule family vacations during June/ July, as August is a critical month where skill sets are being evaluated and team positions are determined.

 Practice Schedule
All teams are required to participate in 20-hours of conditioning prior to the start of the traditional practice season.

August 1st - August 31st 
Non-Comp Teams
Jr. Tiny-Mite: 1-day per week for 1-hour 
Flag: 2-days per week for 2-hours 
Tiny-Mite: 2-days per week for 2-hours 

Comp Teams
Mitey-Mite: 4-days per week for 2-hours 
Jr. Pee Wee: 4-days per week for 2-hours 
Pee Wee: 4-days per week for 2-hours 
Jr. Varsity: 4-days per week for 2-hours 
Varsity: 4-days per week for 2-hours 
Bantam: 4-day per week for 2-hours 

 Beginning September 4th thru End-of-Season: 
Non-Comp Teams
Jr. Tiny-Mite: 1-day per week for 1-hour 
Flag: 1-days per week for 2-hours 
Tiny-Mite: 1-days per week for 2-hours 

Comp Teams
Mitey-Mite: 3-days per week for 2-hours
Jr. Pee Wee: 3-days per week for 2-hours 
Pee Wee: 3-days per week for 2-hours 
Jr. Varsity: 4-days per week for 2-hours
Varsity: 4-days per week for 2-hours 
Bantam: 4-days per week for 2-hours 

 Practice Expectations 
Cheerleaders must arrive 10-minutes before the start of practice and ready to warm-up. Cheerleaders must be dressed in the appropriate practice attire which includes - cheerleading shoes, shorts or leggings, t-shirt and hair secured in a ponytail. Cheerleaders are prohibited to practice in jeans or jean shorts, open toed shoes or wearing jewelry including stud earrings. 

**Missing multiple practice will result in losing a spot or being taken out of the routine.**

Uniform/ Uniform Care
Cheerleading uniforms are the property of Lenape Valley and should be maintained and handed back in the same matter it was received. 

 When washing your game-day and competition uniform, always pre-treat stains first. The uniform should be washed inside out with the zipper and button closed, in cold water, NO fabric softener, NO chlorine bleach. The uniform should hang dry and NEVER be put in the dryer. LV issued uniforms should be worn by the cheerleader for LV games, competitions, and functions only. 

 Please refrain from giving your child any drinks or food with dyes such as Gatorade, slushies, Doritos, or any items with grease as this will damage the uniform. This rule should be followed at all times, especially at competitions. 

 When it is time to return the uniform, you will be asked to return the skirt and shell freshly washed in a sealed Ziploc bag with your child's name so we can track of all items returned. 

 Failure to take proper care and failure to return all pieces at the end of the season will result in a uniform replacement fee. Game-day uniform charge - $150/ Competition uniform charge - $250. It is required that all parents complete and return the uniform waiver that will be distributed with the uniform. Waivers should be returned to your child's head coach. You will receive a counter-signed of the waiver via email. 

 The body liner, bloomers, shoes, and bows are yours to keep. 

 Parents are required to sign a waiver stating that they approve the size their child was fitted for.

 Head coaches are responsible for collecting and inspecting their team's uniforms before handing them back over to the league. Coaches will communicate a date to return uniforms at the end of the season. 

Game Day and Competition Uniformity  
In accordance with Pop Warner and LVFC, all cheerleaders must be uniformed while representing LV at football games and competitions. 

Game Day Uniform: Cheerleaders must be dressed in their game day uniform which includes - LV skirt & shell, bloomers white socks, cheerleading shoes and game day bow. During colder weather games cheerleaders are permitted to wear their body liners under their shell and/or their official LV warm-up jacket.  Cheerleaders are prohibited from wearing sparkly or light-up shoes, coats or sweaters over their shell or t-shirts under their shell. 

Competition Uniform: Cheerleaders must be dressed in their competition uniform for all Pop Warner competitions during the season. This includes - LV long-sleeve shirt and skirt, white socks, comp shoes, bloomers and comp bow. Cheerleaders may wear their official LV warm-up jackets while at competitions. 

Competitive Cheer & Travel 
 cheer teams are required to perform at Bux-Mont Cheer Classic. 

Mitey-Mite and above are required to compete in at least 3 competitions during the season which include: 

Bux-Mont Cheer Classic 
Dates: Saturday, October  
Location: Local Bux-Mont High School 
Qualifying teams will advance to Regionals

Pop Warner Eastern Regional Cheerleading & Dance Competition
Dates: 1st weekend in November  
Location: Cure Insurance Arena, Trenton, NJ 
Qualifying teams will advance to Nationals

Pop Warner National Cheerleading & Dance Competition
Dates: 1st week of December 
Location: Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, FL 
Please note: We request that families hold the entire week of Nationals as teams will not receive an Order of Performance until 2-weeks prior to competing at Nationals 

Additional fees will incur for all comp cheer teams including, but not limited to:

Competition Fees 
Practice Space
Travel Expenses 
Spirit Wear for Nationals (includes: shirt, shorts and bow for each day) 

Competitive cheerleaders must commit to attending all practices. During the competition season cheerleaders are not permitted to participate in additional extra-curricular sports. 

Teams will travel together to all competitions. This means the Head Coach will select a meeting location prior to the competition for the team to meet and head over to the competition as one team. 

Team Dues
All participants are required to pay team dues for the season. This covers a variety of items throughout the year, which include:

Pink Bows for October
Team Shirts
Competition Bows 
Competition Expenses
End-of-year Party
Miscellaneous expenses

 Winter Cheer Program 
Lenape Valley's Winter Cheer Program will begin on January 1st and runs through mid-July. Comp teams will practice 2-nights per week for 2-hours. Non-comp teams will practice 1-night per week for 2-hours. Team placement, practice times, and location will be announced the 3rd week of December. 

Comp teams will compete in several competitions between January and April. Coaches will select 2 – 3 of the following competitions: 

Battle of the States 
Month: January (Saturday) 
Location: Santander Arena, Reading, PA 

YCADA Globals
Month: February (Friday - Sunday) 
Location: Tropicana Casino & Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ

 Cheer & Dance Extreme 
Month: March (Friday - Sunday) 
Location: Kalahari Resort, Pocono Mountains, PA 
Qualifying teams will receive a bid to The ONE Finals in April in Virginia Beach, VA

Cheer Sport Classic
Month: March (Saturday) 
Location: Santander Arena, Reading, PA 

Mid Atlantic Championship Grand Nationals
Month: March (Friday - Saturday) 
Location: Wildwood, NJ     

Hershey Nationals Cheer Competition 
Month: April (Friday - Sunday) 
Location: PA Farm Show Complex and Expo Center, Harrisburg, PA

The Master’s Cheer & Dance Championship 
Month: April (Friday - Sunday) 
Location: The Show Place Arena, Upper Marlboro, MD 

 Coaches will select which competitions teams will compete at prior to the start of the winter season. Since competitions do require traveling, travel expenses will incur to all families. 

All cheerleaders will receive a competition uniform for use which must be returned at the end of season. Additional fees will apply to new registrants who did not participate in the traditional season for competition shoes and bows. 

*Please note that Lenape Valley reserves the right to place participants on a team that best suits their skill level. 

Information will be provided to parents after registration is complete for the cheer season. 

Flag, Tiny-Mite, and Mitey-Mite

Lenape Valley offers a 2-day camp which is held on a chosen Saturday and Sunday in August. Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to learn tumbling, stunting, sideline cheers and choreography.

Registration for camp is $200.00 which includes Spirit Wear (2 shirts, 2 shorts and 2 bows) and lunch will be provided. 

JPW and Above
*Due to the intensity of Pine Forest Camp, Lenape Valley can only offer to JPW and above. 

In August, cheerleaders will have the chance to participate in a 4-day/ 3-night camp at Pine Forest Cheerleading Camp in the Pocono Mountains. Registration for camp is $550.00 with a $100.00 deposit required at the time of registration. 

Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to learn tumbling, stunting, cheers and choreography from UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) staff.

Squads will stay in private bungalows with showers & bathrooms. Meals and snacks are provided to the girls. 

Additional camp fees include: Spirit Wear for all 4-days and transportation to and from the camp. 

Payment plans are available. All camp payments must be made in full 2-weeks prior to your child’s camp date. If your child is not paid in full, they will not be permitted to attend camp. There are NO refunds on camp.

Parents/ Guardians must complete and the return the official Pop-Warner forms located under the FAQ & Forms tab on the Lenape Valley website by August 1st.  All physicals completed must be the official Pop-Warner physical, no other physical form will be accepted. In addition, parents must submit a copy of a birth certificate, 2 copies of a report card, and a current wallet sized photo. Any participant who is missing a form will not be permitted to practice at the start of the season but will be required to attend practices as a spectator.

Financial Expectations 
Parents/ Guardians are responsible for additional costs throughout the season which include, but not limited to: 
Team Dues 
Summer Camp Fees 
LV Warm-Up Jackets & Backpacks 
Competition Fees 
Game Day Shoes (Parents will be responsible for purchasing prior to the start of season) 
Competition Fees 
Miscellaneous Expenses 

Spirit Wear
All cheerleaders are required to purchase an LV warm-up jacket and backpack for the season. 

In addition, families/ cheerleaders may purchase LV Cheerleading gear which can be found on the under the LV Online Store tab on the website. 

Any member in good standing with LVFC may volunteer to hold a coaching position. Those interested in coaching must complete a coaching application and submit to the VP of Cheer for review. The Lenape Valley Executive Board will complete a review of the application and notify the individual(s) who's applications have been approved. All coaches must complete all clearances located under the Coach Information tab on the Lenape Valley website. In addition, all coaches must complete the online YCADA Coaches Education and Testing course within 2-weeks of approval. Individuals who do not complete this course will be removed from their position. It is also highly recommended that coaches complete the Coaches Competitive Edge program to understand YCADA-Pop Warner skill levels and scoring guidelines. In addition, coaches should receive their certification from Red Cross in Community CPR and First Aid prior to the start of the season on August 1st. 

All coaching staff must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Pop Warner and Lenape Valley. All coaches and team parents must have knowledge and Pop Warner handbook. Coaches will operate under the direction of VP of Cheer and adhere to rules and regulations set forth by the association. Coaches must commit to attending monthly meetings, which will be held the 2nd Tuesday of every month. 

Per Pop Warner rules - Head Coaches are responsible for their own actions and the actions of the assistant coaches, staff, participants and parents. The head coach will determine the role and responsibilities of the assistant coaches. Head coaches are responsible for communication to parents regarding games, practices, competitions, team updates and any pertinent information that is passed down from the VP of Cheer or the association. Head coaches are responsible for ensuring team books are put together and all paper work received is accurate, ensuring all cheerleaders have their correct uniform and collecting uniforms and pom-poms at the end of the season. 

PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY - Please note more than two absences, other than due to illness, could result in removal from the team with no refunds per the Pop Warner National rule book.

COMPS ARE MANDATORY - Athletes will not only need to be at every practice, but they will need to be at the competitions. We spend the practices building and practicing the routine, and as a team sport, we need every athlete to be present at the practices and the comps. When an athlete is not present at practice, it causes groups to have to postpone practicing their stunts. If they are not present at a comp, it causes us to have to rework a routine and the girls to have last-minute changes added which can be challenging. 

COMMITMENT - We realize that kids have other activities and sports, but this is a competitive cheer program and requires a 100% commitment. While we do our best to try to keep practices consistent, we are at the mercy of the schools and the practice space they have available. Coaches may have to change a practice day, and many times add a practice day. Athletes need to be available for all practices, even if the day changes here and there or once practice is added. 

RESPECT FOR EVERYONE! Whether it’s their team or another team, we expect everyone on the team to be kind and treat everyone with respect; both IN PRACTICE, OUTSIDE OF PRACTICE AND ON SOCIAL MEDIA! That includes their peers, their coaches, their junior coaches, athletes on other teams, etc.  Cheerleaders are representing Lenape Valley and Pop Warner and should behave in an appropriate manner at all times, particularly when at an LV event or when wearing LV gear. Lenape Valley has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY when it comes to bullying, intimidation tactics, threats, cyberbullying, unsportsmanlike conduct, behavioral issues, etc. Any of the above can lead to anything from a short suspension to permanent lifelong expulsion from Pop Warner. This also applies to parents of athletes.

CHAIN OF COMMAND – Lenape Valley follows the Chain of Command policy laid out in the Pop Warner Rulebook.  Once the season begins, the head coach is responsible for their actions, the actions of their assistant coach, staff, team, and parents. If a parent/ guardian has a question or concern, they are to contact their head coach. The head coach then has 72-hours to provide a response. If the head coach does not provide a response within 72-hours, the parent/guardian may contact the VP of Cheer, who has 72-hours to respond. If no response is provided, the parent/ guardian may contact the LV President. Breaking the Chain of Command is in direct violation of the rules and regulations provided by Pop Warner that all associations must follow. Violation of this rule for the first offense will be a written warning, second offense will be a 2-week league suspension, third offense will be a 1-year suspension. This rule is in accordance with the Pop Warner Rulebook. 

For questions and inquiries about Lenape Valley Cheerleading, please reach out to [email protected]


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